Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Summer 2016


If you're wondering what we're up to this summer, here's the quick recap:
Clean, fresh sheets and towels, lots of gardening and plants, cinamon apple pie snuggled in ice cream and some beautiful people hanging around on our balcony.

We salute you Goodbye but really can't wait to welcome you back anytime :)
Peace out!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

.. feel Zadar

If you decide to visit Zadar you will be impressed by its excellent mixture of new and old.
It has a good traffic infrastructure throughout which is directly connected to other bigger cities in the area. 
The airport is small and modern, 9km away from the city center.
Long walks around Zadar's historical centre and through the long old streets is a must!

If the day is breezy, start your tour at the most popular art installation in the city, The Sea Organ. It's realy something else!

The same artist also created another must-see attraction - the Monument to the Sun, a large disc of solar-powered cells that becomes a multicoloured disco ball as the sun sets.

There is something special about this beautiful coastal city with the long history, great architecture and art, amazing food, kind people, lovely markets with fresh fruit, vegetables and fish.

Here you can see some pictures of Zadar that were taken from different angles.

Find out for yourself what is it that makes Zadar so special..
Take a deep breathe and feel The City!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

The house

Stella Maria Seahouse is our family home that was built in late 80s, while us kids were growing up. Being in this house always brings a whole lotta good memories of happy times and dear people. It holds a feeling of freedom, long beach walks, and those endless summer nights.
This is exactly what we hope you will experience while staying with us.
Welcome home!

Feel free to plan your vacation as you wish and like. 
These were some informations about the house. More info and useful instructions awaits you in our Welcome book.

Sandra and Goran

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Welcome to Ražanac

Ražanac is a small Croatian town, placed in the Southeren part of the Velebit canal and is distanced 23 km (14 miles) from the City of Zadar. Because of the town's close proximity to Velebit mountain (which combined with the sea elevates the sheer feeling of clear and transparent air), Ražanac is often visited by persons with respiratory problems.
Ražanac is the perfect destination for those in need of a real vacation and relaxation in peace and quiet.

Town offers the possibility of recreational sports: tennis, table tennis and mini golf. Renting a bike, boat or a scooter is also possible.

In local restaurants you can try out local specialities. Don't miss out on exquisite fish in olive oil and excellent homemade vine.

As Ražanac is close  to several national parks (Kornati, Paklenica and Plitvica lake), nature parks Teleščica and lake Vransko, historical cities Zadar and Nin and island Pag, your stay can be filed with numerous one-day trips.

Don't forget to visit the City of Zadar, which has been elected for the 
European Top destination of the year 2016! 
And we are wery proud of this fact :)

If  you're in mood for an exiting and energizing type of vacation, Pag island should be your choice. 
With it's wordly renowed beach discoteques, No.1 DJ-s, dance and swimming beneath the moonlight, Novalja-Zrće is waiting for you!

Stunning Ražanac view from our balcony:

You're always welcome here!

* * *
It's good to know...

Zadar 23km, Pag 32km, Šibenik 97km, Split 154km, Makarska 209km, Zagreb 275km, Rijeka 282km, Pula 378km, Dubrovnik 384km
The nearest airport is Zadar Airport, 23km away