Saturday, 16 April 2016

.. feel Zadar

If you decide to visit Zadar you will be impressed by its excellent mixture of new and old.
It has a good traffic infrastructure throughout which is directly connected to other bigger cities in the area. 
The airport is small and modern, 9km away from the city center.
Long walks around Zadar's historical centre and through the long old streets is a must!

If the day is breezy, start your tour at the most popular art installation in the city, The Sea Organ. It's realy something else!

The same artist also created another must-see attraction - the Monument to the Sun, a large disc of solar-powered cells that becomes a multicoloured disco ball as the sun sets.

There is something special about this beautiful coastal city with the long history, great architecture and art, amazing food, kind people, lovely markets with fresh fruit, vegetables and fish.

Here you can see some pictures of Zadar that were taken from different angles.

Find out for yourself what is it that makes Zadar so special..
Take a deep breathe and feel The City!

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